This sailing boat 800 is a fiberglass sailing boat which is designed by a europen designer and use a europen mould. This model can not only meet all your requirements of speed, sports, entertainment, viewing and adventure, but also to bring you a new experience. The hull is a fiberglass and the mast materical is cast fiber. The hull fits with hiking straps;adjustable stainless steel mast step;stainless steel base plate with 4 holes;stainless steel base plate with 2 holes;stainless steel transom gudgeous with backing plates;tiller;rubber inserts;deck collar and stainless steel hook; The recommend power type is electrical motor.

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  • Sailing 800
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Draft:
    1m to 1.6m
  • Mast:
    cast fiber mast
  • Passenger:
    8-10 passengers
  • Motor:
    Electrical motor

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