This Diamond House Boat 1460 is design from North of Europe. It is a boat but also a modern two- bedroom house! It is the ultimate in boating and caravan travelling.

It is a perfect solution for those who want to spend a weekend on the water or travel by road to their favorite spot and camp for the weekend or for a week.  The boat has one toilet room, one kitchen, one large living room and two bedroom, Open large deck at both front & stern, full size large open deck on flybridge, FRP TOP above mini bar+tap, FRP box type storage sofa.

LED colorful lights Flash like a Diamond, both side large windows convertible to door; large slide wall convertible to rooms.

Take this boat, have an unprecedented experience, enjoy your life and realize your dream.

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  • 2019 modern Diamond House Boat 1460
  • Outside size:
    (L) 14.6m*(W)4.5m*(H)6.07m
  • Lowe platform:
    (L) 14.6m*(W)4.5m
  • Lower frame:
    (L) 14.6m*(W)4.5m*(H)3.05m

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